Guiding Principles of Staying Sober

Welcome to my blog! My intention is to provide you with the best available tools, tips, research, and skills for long-term sobriety, health, and wellness. A good way to begin is by telling you about the foundational ideas of the Staying Sober. My approach is built on a new paradigm in addiction treatment: Recovery Management. […]

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Train you mind to change your brain: Restructure mind from addiction-based to recovery-based with CBT! – Part One

Train you mind, change your brain: The Power of CBT! When we change the way we think, we change the way we feel and behave. This new understanding of the relationship between our thoughts and feelings was developed by Dr. Aaron Beck in the 1950s. He named this approach cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT starts […]


Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Starting the day with an Attitude of Gratitude is a simple recovery tool of enormous power. A growing body of evidence from ¬†Positive Psychology researchers confirms that making a daily list of things for which you feel grateful can significantly improve your attitude, performance, and emotional resilience.¬† These findings are the basis for a number […]