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Yes, You Can Stay Sober


If you are ready—or know someone who’s ready—to achieve and maintain sobriety, here’s an approach that will work. Unlike other books on recovery, The Staying Sober Handbook is unique because it…

…stands upon a bedrock of personal experience plus a broad base of the most advanced findings in science, technology, and clinical practice.

…provides a wealth of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual techniques and resources for all involved: addict, family, friends and clinicians.

…is built on a new paradigm in addiction treatment that recognizes addiction as a chronic, progressive brain condition—a persistent medical ailment that can be managed.

…contains all 24 sobriety tools, assembled over nine years of real-life wisdom and experience from hundreds of people and thousands of hours of hard work, fine-tuning, and refinement.

…presents the unique S.O.B.E.R. Action Plan, a step-by-step self-designed program you can rely on to stay on track and is free of guilt-producing rules and restrictions.

…delivers information, action steps, workable exercises, and, most importantly, genuine experience-based encouragement to anyone involved in any phase of addiction and recovery.

Written by a therapist who has himself navigated the path through addiction and into long-term recovery, Staying Sober is an intuitively conceived and brilliantly executed presentation.

If you’re thinking about getting sober, this book will show you that you can do it and how to get there. If you’re sober and want to strengthen your resources for staying that way, this will provide the support you need. If you’re a family member or loved one of someone suffering from addiction, your life is affected, too—big time—and this book can restore stability and sanity. And if you are a clinician or therapist, you will find solid ideas for amplifying the effectiveness of your practice with addicts.

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