New to Therapy

An easy way to think about my approach is to look at the process as the cultivation of three skill sets: NAMING, CLAIMING, & REFRAMING.


This approach helps people learn to separate out and identify what they are actually feeling. This requires the development of an emotional vocabulary.

NAMING identifies previously unknown, misunderstood, or traumatic emotional experiences. This starts a process of self-understanding and acceptance that is cathartic, calming, and healing.


Is the process od exploring and understanding the origin of these feelings. In most cases, they turn out to be negative or traumatic emotional experiences split-off or disowned earlier in life.

Though they may be out of conscious “sight” these negative emotional experiences are not “out of mind.” On a day-to-day basis, they carry powerful messages about who we are and inform our sense of self in ways we are scarcely aware. As these experiences are brought back into consciousness, we begin to re-member or reclaim these split-off or dis-membered aspects of ourselves.


Is about integrating a client’s new emotional vocabulary and psychological insight to work through old issues with powerful new resources and tools. Implementing these skills can help alleviate psychological pain & suffering as well as potentiate new levels of energy, vitality, curiosity, and the capacity for a richer, more abundant life